5 Ways to Shake Up Your Style this September

Girlies, it’s September and it’s time to infuse your style with fresh vibes that reflect your beautiful personality. Whether you love colour clothes or prefer the old-money aesthetic, Shake Baby Shake cocktails can be your perfect addition to elevate your September experience. Now let’s chat about some ways to shake up your style this September…

1. Pina Colada Chic

Embrace the upbeat spirit of our Pina Colada to inspire your style this September. A flowy maxi dress or classic staple of jeans and a nice top look will give you that easy-breezy vibe…ideal for soaking up the last rays of summer.

2. Boho Beauty

Dial up your style with a bohemian flair inspired by the queen of the style Vanessa Hudgens. Natural fabrics and layered accessories are perfect for the end of summer. This style suits ALL occasions, whether you’re soaking up the last of the sun at home or planning a day trip with the girls.

3. Trendy Tees and Tipples

Picture this…you’re wearing your favourite mom jeans, paired with a vintage-inspired graphic tee and to top it all off you’re sipping on a cold can of your favourite SBS cocktail! This is where fashion meets flavour.

4. Monochrome Magic

Sometimes, less is most definitely more. Unleash the power of monochrome magic by creating a striking outfit with a single colour pallet. Maybe take inspiration from your favourite SBS flavour to add that pop of colour.

5. Shake Baby Stripes

Stripes are the name of the game here, and you’re about to play the game of the summer. Whether you’re wearing a striped skirt, t-shirt, trousers or blouse you’ll capture attention when you walk into any room.
Let this September be a month of unforgettable fashion choices, inspiring experiences, and joyful flavours of Shake Baby Shake. Cheers to shaking up your style!